REVIEW: Samaritan [Prime Video]

In Samaritan, a scrappy kid (Javon Walton) discovers that a refuse collector who lives across the street (Sylvester Stallone) may in fact be his idol, long-presumed-dead superhero Samaritan.

As with any popular genre before it, the superhero movie is now starting to reckon with its long-lived popularity.…


by Sarah Johnson (Twitter:@strappinglass)

1719, the Northern Great Plains of the Comanche Nation. Much to the annoyance of the men in her tribe, young Naru (Midthunder) wants to be recognised as the capable hunter-warrior she is. She will need all her skills when a lethal alien comes to Earth to stalk the local wildlife.

PODCAST: Another Time, MacLeod!

AKA Highlander Scene by Scene

A podcast dedicated to breaking down the 1986 cult classic Highlander scene by scene.

AKA Jesus, Take the Wheel! AKA Sex Immortals Redux

In episode 53 of ANOTHER TIME, MACLEOD!, Robs Daniel (Twitter: @rob_a_daniel) and Wallis (@robertmwallis) are joined by the brilliant Mr.…