Gerard Butler stars in a lightly-engineered action-thriller whose pleasures are as simple as its title.

Easily formulated as Die Hard meets Lost, Plane serves up gritty run n’ gun in the sun fun.

When a freak lightening strike forces him to crash-land on a remote island of the Philippines, budget airline pilot Brodie Torrance (Butler) has to figure out how to get his meagre bunch of passengers back to civilisation – that’s if the pissed-off insurgents don’t get them first.…

REVIEW: Skinamarink

We’re immersed in wormy, swimmy static; an impenetrable, buzzy, blue-brown alphabet soup of meaningless hieroglyphics. It obscures the depths of already-darkened rooms, masking spaces where monsters might hide.

An experimental horror rom first-time director Kyle Edward Ball, Skinamarink is a film of perception, or imperception.…

REVIEW: The Old Way

They just don’t make ’em like they used to, though they try.

The Old Way is a by-the-books Western, distinguished only by being Nicolas Cage’s “first” out-and-out foray into the genre.

When we first encounter outlaw Colton Briggs (Cage, complete with droopy mustache), he’s watching a public hanging preceded over by his employer, a self-righteous local bigwig.…