PODCAST: Doctor Sleep & Joker Redux (feat. Prince Andrew)

Episode 74 of The Electric Shadows Podcast picks up where episode 73 left off. Robs Daniel and Wallis found that Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep stayed with them, it’s themes and characters lingering in the mind.

Someone of the same opinion is regular Electric Shadows Podcast contributor Mr Ian Bird, who also happened to be in town and was up for explaining why he was so impressed with the excellent chiller.…

PODCAST: The Dry Cleaner [DryCleanerCast]

A slight break from the usual as I interview writer-director-friend Chris Carr on his podcast, The Dry Cleaner Cast, to discuss his new spy film, The Dry Cleaner.


“A raid in Paris has yielded a link between the terrorist organisation Munathma and a revolutionary group called the FKA.

REVIEW: Hustlers

Sick of the so-called “Goodfellas formula” where sleazy, ethically-bankrupt scumbags live the high life from exploiting the system before their inevitable downfall?

There’s the inevitable scene set in a neon-lit club where they share a drink and a joke, and maybe impulsively beat someone to death over a past grievance.…

REVIEW: Bad Education [LFF 2019]

It may share its name with a Jack Whitehall classroom sitcom and its 2015 big screen spin-off, but Bad Education (sans the “The Movie” subtitle) is all the more troubling in the fact that it’s based on a real-life incident.

When Deputy Superintendent Pam Gluckin (a leonine Allison Janney) is found to have embezzled funds from the Roslyn school district, Superintendent Frank Tassone (Hugh Jackman, clean as a freshly-plucked chicken) makes the case against the calling police.…

PODCAST: FrightFest 2019 Round-Up and London Film Festival 2019 Preview [Electric Shadows]

Episode 68 of The Electric Shadows Podcast sees Robs Daniel & Wallis look back at the Arrow Video FrightFest’s twentieth anniversary festival and run-down their top 10 films. Gems such as Rabid, The Dark Red, Ready or Not and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark all get warm words.…

PODCAST: Avengers: Endgame [Electric Shadows]

Episode 61 of The Electric Shadows Podcast is an epic discussion of Avengers: Endgame. But, what do the two Robs, our intrepid explorers in pod, make of the climatic instalment to the MCU as we know it?

No spoilers here, and also no spoilers for the film itself until the podcast gets into the spoiler zone.…

REVIEW: Dragged Across Concrete (LFF 2018 – Day 5)

If you’re into Dragged Across Concrete solely for the violence implied by its title, you may be disappointed.

S. Craig Zahler’s latest has nothing to match the groin ripping or face stomping of his first two films Bone Tomahawk and Brawl In Cellblock 99. …