REVIEW: Rise of the Footsoldier: Vengeance

The sixth film in the long-running Essex hardman franchise, Rise of the Footsoldier: Vengeance is entertaining, convoluted, and… strangely progressive?

Returning as Pat Tate, a fictionalised version of a real-life wrong’ un, Craig Fairbrass gives us a slightly cuddlier, more sympathetic version of the character than the coked-up psychopath of some previous installments.…

REVIEW: A Haunting in Venice

Given how littered it is by corpses, it’s remarkable the extent to which ghosts are absent from the murder mystery genre.

Aside from the plot ramifications – it’s tricky sustaining the whole “whodunnit” aspect when you have an incorporeal witness – it does tend to undermine the foundation of rationality on which the process of detection is built.…

REVIEW: The Equalizer 3

Nearly a decade on from the first movie, I find myself reviewing the third and reportedly final instalment of Denzel Washington-Antoine Fuqua’s Equalizer franchise.

For the conclusion of a trilogy, albeit one with no narrative through-line, The Equalizer 3 might be the most confusing blockbuster I’ve seen since Tenet.