PODCAST: Black Panther, The Cloverfield Paradox & Mute

Black Panther
Episode 39 of The Electric Shadows Podcast is the agony and the ecstasy.

The agony comes from Rob Daniel, who talks (at length) about his ongoing recuperation following surgery after a particularly non-heroic “sports injury”.

The ecstasy comes from myself who, being of sound body (and mind, so to speak) was able to see Black Panther – aka Contender for the Biggest Film of 2018, aka Contender for the Most Culturally Significant Film of 2018, aka The Film You Really Should Have Seen By Now. So I let Rob D. know all it while he listens bravely without sounding too despondent.

These intrepid casters in pod then tackle a brace of disappointing Netflix sigh-fi efforts: Mute and The Cloverfield Paradox. I get nostalgic about the time Mute director Duncan Jones praised me for my geek cred in a director’s Q&A, and we both recall how wonderful Jones’ Moon is.

Amidst all this banter, there is room for a cameo appearance from Rob D.’s flatmate, Michael. Michael’s severe cold means background coughing makes a fleeting appearance. He also chips in some real words.


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