PODCAST: IT Chapter Two [Electric Shadows]

Chapter Two

The Electric Shadows Podcast reaches Bill and Ted’s favourite number. In episode 69 Robs Daniel and Wallis stare into the deadlights of IT Chapter Two, the follow-up to the 2017 smash hit IT.

Rob Daniel is none too impressed at how much has been chopped out of Stephen King’s novel, despite the 171 minutes running time. Rob Wallis finds more to enjoy, but still has issues he runs through in a spoiler section. Yep, a spoiler section because no discussion of IT can avoid talking about how the novel’s notoriously difficult ending is translated to the big screen.

Our intrepid casters of pod also make space to discuss the 1990 IT mini-series, this year’s Pet Sematary and the upcoming Doctor Sleep. They even make space for a brief discussion of an IT adaptation made for Indian TV, plus Rob Wallis’ recollections of working through those Stephen King made-for-TV adaptations.

We also apologise for not be able to include the topiary animals scene from the TV-remake of The Shining below as promised on the podcast. But, the scene is not on YouTube, which is truly scary.

But no matter, join us for a lively discussion. You’ll float too…

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