PODCAST: The Dry Cleaner [DryCleanerCast]

Dry Cleaner

A slight break from the usual as I interview writer-director-friend Chris Carr on his podcast, The Dry Cleaner Cast, to discuss his new spy film, The Dry Cleaner.


“A raid in Paris has yielded a link between the terrorist organisation Munathma and a revolutionary group called the FKA.

British Intelligence officer George Collins is pressured from his section chief to make contact with Middle Eastern student Lydia Iyad, who knows members of the FKA at her university. Lydia feels conflicted about the idea of spying on her friends for Britain, especially with its bad reputation in the Middle East.

George needs Lydia to make a decision and provide information.

Will Lydia work with George or will she leave him out in the cold?”



“The Dry Cleaner could be used by the security services as a training film on espionage. The tradecraft is brilliantly executed, and the sense of betrayal grabs you from the beginning. Carr has done a wonderful job of setting the tone for something that you learn early on in the world of intelligence, i.e., there are no friendly intelligence services.”

Fred Burton, former State Department special agent and New York Times best-selling author


You can buy the film here.


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