My 15 Best Films of 2017 (& 5 of the Worst)

Well, it’s that time of the year again, namely the end; a time for rundowns and summations, a time for best ofs and worst ofs, when the generally indifferent just slips away.

2017 has, on the whole, been an exceptional year for film or at least the type of films I tend to enjoy; which is to say, ones about with sensitive characters experiencing lots of little feelings.…

WORLD CINEMA GRAB-BAG: Graduation, Frantz, El Pastor, and After The Storm

A rundown estate; shabby, grey blue tower blocks; a cement roadways; a patch of grass; off-screen someone digs.

We never discover who is digging or why, nor who’s responsible for the rock that flies through a living room window that same grey morning.…