REVIEW: FrightFest 2019 – Day 1 (August 22nd)

Come To Daddy

You might expect a film with a title like Come To Daddy to be fraught with a certain amount of Freudian psychodrama.

You might not be prepared, though, for one of the oddest, bloodiest, and most strangely poignant horror-comedies you’re likely to see all year.…

How to Change the World takes us behind the Greenpeace legacy


What do you know about Greenpeace?

Apart from the odd leaflet through the letterbox or a random encounter with a chugger, chances are not a lot. How to Change the World takes us behind the scenes of the environmental organization, which began in 1971 amidst a flurry of idealism aboard a run-down Canadian fishing tug, and, through decades of egotism, infighting, and litigation, went on to become a global entity with thousands of employees and a bankroll of millions.…