REVIEW: ‘Us’ (2019)

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Jordan Peele might be the most interesting filmmaker working in horror today – or at least the one using horror to do the most interesting things.

Get Out was not only a smash hit, but has arguably been responsible for the critical rehabilitation of the horror genre; looked down on for decades as the province of jump scares and slasher flicks.…

REVIEW: Mad To Be Normal

Mad To Be NormalĀ is a biopic that is nowhere near as radical as its subject: ’60s anti-psychiatry shrink R. D. Laing, “the acid Marxist” who advocated treating patients holistically, without medication or surgery.

David Tennant is mesmerizing as the soft-spoken guru, wandering the corridors as the schizophrenic whisperer, intermittently capable of the miraculous: like bringing a non-communicative patient out of her shell through a hippy laying on of hands and the prospect of pizza.…