Furious 7 provides thrills, spills, and a surprisingly moving farewell (RIP, Paul Walker)


Fast cars and beautiful women. Gunfights in exotic locales. You could be talking of any one of half a dozen franchises: Mission: Impossible, James Bond. They all offer similar thrills and spills, albeit in hugely different styles. In recent years, however, the Fast & Furious franchise has overtaken them all.

The Conjuring is an entertaining scary go-round

Latest in the new genre of exorcism films (see: The Rite, The Exorcism of Emily Rose), The Conjuring is directed by Saw and Insidious creator James Wan. As you might expect, it’s “bloody… scary” (eh, eh?).

An All-American family moves into their dream home in rural Rhode Island, are immediately beset by a selection of terrifying phenomena, and forced to call in experts, the Warren’s – engaging Patrick Wilson and winsome Vera Farmiga – a pleasant couple with a locked study full of possessed toys in place of a rumpus room.