Bone Tomahawk is a brutal and welcome revisionist Western


In Bone Tomahawk, novelist turned filmmaker S. Craig Zahler takes an approach to the Western genre that is bright, dusty, and watered with blood — think The Searchers meet The Hills Have Eyes.

When a mysterious drifter (David Arquette) wanders into the idyllic settlement of Bright Hope, Chicory (Richard Jenkins), an amiable old buffer and “backup deputy”, promptly reports it to Sheriff Franklin (newfound Western afficionado Kurt Russell), who brings the drifter in… though not without violence.…

The Conjuring is an entertaining scary go-round

Latest in the new genre of exorcism films (see: The Rite, The Exorcism of Emily Rose), The Conjuring is directed by Saw and Insidious creator James Wan. As you might expect, it’s “bloody… scary” (eh, eh?).

An All-American family moves into their dream home in rural Rhode Island, are immediately beset by a selection of terrifying phenomena, and forced to call in experts, the Warren’s – engaging Patrick Wilson and winsome Vera Farmiga – a pleasant couple with a locked study full of possessed toys in place of a rumpus room.