REVIEW: The Angry Birds Movie can flock right off

Angry Birds
1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

A paper-thin, family oriented animation about a dysfunctional bunch of multi-colored, flightless birds (the only particularly angry one of whom, Red, is voiced by Jason Sudeikis), The Angry Birds Movie spends 97 tedious minutes working its way towards recreating the central mechanic of a mobile phone game from half a decade ago — knocking down the city of a bunch of evil, egg-pilfering pigs via use of a catapult.

An extended gag about unforeseen urination is genuinely hilarious in its jarring tonal shift — the movie otherwise resigns itself to mining humor from the quickly exhausted vein of pig puns — and there’s an inexplicable cameo by the two little girls from The Shining in porcine form (also referenced in this year’s Ghostbusters, another Sony production).

This may turn out to be money in the (piggy) bank for the studio that made it, but it’s a rEGRETful waste of time for anyone else.

Author: robertmwallis

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