REVIEW: Early Man

1.5 Stars (1.5 / 5)

Aardman Animations’ latest sends comedy back to the Stone Age… but not in the way you might hope.

We open, according to a subtitle, on Neo-Pleistocene Earth, tracking away from a furiously erupting volcano. Dinosaurs tussle up on a ridge; a tribe of primeval persons are exuberantly beating the tar out of one another; all of which are expertly made of plasticine.…

My 10 Worst Films of 2016

It’s already become a cliche: the extent to which 2016 has notoriously not been a good year for humanity.

That said, it’s been at least a decent year for film – minus the deaths of various beloved cinema icons (UPDATE: since my writing this, Carrie Fisher has sadly passed away).…

REVIEW: The Angry Birds Movie can flock right off

1.5 Stars (1.5 / 5)

A paper-thin, family oriented animation about a dysfunctional bunch of multi-colored, flightless birds (the only particularly angry one of whom, Red, is voiced by Jason Sudeikis), The Angry Birds Movie spends 97 tedious minutes working its way towards recreating the central mechanic of a mobile phone game from half a decade ago — knocking down the city of a bunch of evil, egg-pilfering pigs via use of a catapult.…