REVIEW: The Lost Daughter (London Film Festival 2021)

The Lost Daughter is an honest and assured psychological study of what it means to be, or not to be, a parent.

Leda (Olivia Colman) is a middle-aged literary professor on a solitary summer holiday in Italy. Her contentment, lying on the beach, marking her papers, is disrupted by the arrival of a large, brash American family, who lay their claim to the beach.…

REVIEW: Geostorm

To say that Geostorm is as dumb as a bag of rocks is an insult to hardworking geological processes.

It’s not that time and energy, and roughly $120 million, didn’t go into the production – it’s that they did and, despite extensive reshoots, this is what we ended up with; a film, which if not quite putting the “disaster” into “disaster movie”, is certainly, on its own terms, a mess.…

REVIEW: Wind River & mother!

Wind River

After penning the Sicario, set in the sun-bleached badland of Juarez, Mexico, and Hell or High Water, which plays out in scrubby, unforgiving West Texas, Taylor Sheridan heads north with Wind River.

His directorial follow-up to 2011’s Saw-alike VileWind River takes place amidst the seemingly endless snowy plains and forested peaks of the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming; a frozen waste that never seems to get the memo about arrival of summer.…