REVIEW: The Big Sick – a relationship comedy where one party is out for the count

It’s been said that comedy is a natural response to tragedy; indeed, humour is proven to speed recovery.[none]Patch Adams can still fuck off, though.[/note]

Even so, taking perhaps the worst period of your life and turning it into a romcom, that most disposable of genres, is certainly a bold move.…

The Lobster is a blackly heartfelt chimera of a romcom


You wait for one comedy about men being transformed into animals then two come along at once — a non-mating pair, if you will.

But where Kevin Smith’s Tusk was about a vicious comic forcibly losing his humanity due to a mad experiment, Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Lobster is altogether more social and universal.…

Les combattants (Love at First Fight) is a romcom at war with itself


All’s fair in love and war, as the saying goes, and in Les combattants (AKA Love at First Fight) those two things aren’t so far apart.

The directorial debut of Thomas Cailley — he also shares writing duties with Claude Le Pape — this French-language film is a romcom but only in the most superficial of terms.…

Stuck in Love is a romcom-dram-thing that’s well worth a look

Before I start this review, I’ll provide a disclaimer: I don’t usually watch romantic films.

It’s not like a badge of pride with me or anything, but it’s just not a plot feature I’m particularly interested in paying to see (and in this case, I didn’t).