PODCAST: Spider-Man: Far From Home & Midsommar [Electric Shadows]

Episode 66 of The Electric Shadows Podcast tackles two different films indeed.

First up we have Spider-Man: Far From Home. Can the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe swing as high as Spider-Man: Homecoming or Avengers: Endgame? Or Into the Spider-Verse for that matter?…

REVIEW: Detroit – anger on the streets, horror at the Algiers Motel

Returning from a five-year hiatus, director Kathryn Bigelow seems likely to trouble Academy again with a film that, unlike the ambiguously pro-torture Zero Dark Thirty, shows the real factors at play behind “enhanced interrogation”.

A hard-hitting depiction of racial animus in America, Detroit opens with an animated prologue that uses vivid, mural-style artwork – like the wall of some grand municipal station brought to life – to lay out the plight of African-Americans in the lead up to 1967.…

Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu’s latest, The Revenant, is a bit of an endurance test

Okay, so I have a problem with The Revenant.

It’s not the same issue I had with Argo back in 2012 (a decent retro thriller, not a Best Picture) or even with The Theory of Everything or American Sniper last year (good performances, not much else — also by no means indispensable).…

We’re The Millers is a bad-natured road trip you’ll wanna miss


With his film career picking up, it was only a matter of time before Jason Sudeikis, like so many before him, made a break from Saturday Night Live, the show that had made his name.

Best known for his smirking deadpan, Sudeikis’ comedy chops are undeniable, but how does his experience of playing sketch characters transfer over to the big screen?